Effective immediately, Duke University will not require students, employees or visitors to wear masks or face coverings while outdoors, with the exception of crowded areas and gatherings where social distancing is not possible. Masks or face coverings are still required inside Duke University owned or leased buildings, and while riding a Duke bus or shuttle, except under the following circumstances:

  • When alone in a confined room such as a private office or residence (Note: this does not include meeting rooms, break rooms, or shared environments such as cubicle work stations).
  • When alone in a vehicle.
  • When eating or drinking while following safety guidance such as social distancing.

This new protocol is consistent with Centers for Disease Control and State of North Carolina guidelines and covers all students, faculty, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status.Vaccination and masking are the most effective means of protecting yourself and others from COVID-19 and will be key to getting us beyond this pandemic.  We strongly encourage all members of the Duke community who have not been vaccinated to do so  at no cost through the Duke Employee Vaccination Clinic or Duke Student Health. If you have been vaccinated at a location other than a Duke Employee Vaccination Clinic or Duke-operated site, please submit documentation of vaccination as follows:

  • Faculty and Staff: upload a picture of their completed vaccination card through the confidential Duke VAXTrax online form.
  • Students: email a photo of your vaccination card to Student Health at covidlabresults@duke.edu after your vaccine series is completed.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to keeping the Duke community safe.

Sally Kornbluth,
Provost and Jo Rae Wright University Professor

Kyle Cavanaugh,
Vice President, Administration