Dear Faculty and Staff,

The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are now approved for COVID booster shots for certain eligible populations (Pfizer vaccine was previously approved).

At this time the eligible populations include the following:

  • Those who have received their last dose of Moderna or Pfizervaccines over 6 months ago, are age 65 years and older, and are working in healthcare facilities or schools such as Duke, as well as other criteria defined by the CDC
  • Those who have received their initial dose of the Johnson & Johnsonvaccine at least two months ago and are 18 years of age or older.

The CDC also said that individuals can choose any of the three boosters now authorized regardless of their original shot. Duke medical experts suggest that anyone who received the J&J vaccine preferentially get a booster shot of either Pfizer or Moderna, which have been proven highly effective in preventing infection and severe illness.  A booster with the J&J vaccine remains an alternative for these individuals.

Those who wish to receive a booster shot will be able to schedule an appointment beginning Tuesday, Oct. 26. Employee clinics located at Blue Devil Tower, Duke University Hospital, Duke Raleigh Hospital and Duke Regional Hospital by appointment (except at DRAH). Specifics about each clinic’s location and operating hours can be found on the Duke COVID Vaccine website. Due to limited capacity, employees eligible for booster shots are also encouraged to explore community resources such as local pharmacies and provider practices.

While the booster shot is not a condition of employment for Duke University or Duke University Health System at this time, we encourage all eligible individuals to receive a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to protect you and others from potential infection. 

Thank you for your efforts to keep the Duke community safe. Please continue wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently and maintaining social distance.

Kyle Cavanaugh,
Vice President, Administration, Duke University

Carol Epling, MD, MSPH
Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and Community Health

Gail Shulby, RN, MA, CPP
Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice President, Duke Health

Cameron R. Wolfe, MBBS (Hons), MPH, FIDSA
Associate Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Duke Health

Co-Leaders of the COVID-19 Vaccination Planning Work Group