Dear Duke Students,  

We’re writing today with some exciting updates about Duke Summer Session online courses that we hope will provide additional opportunities for you to stay engaged with your Duke faculty and classmates and further your academic goals:  

  • We have completely overhauled Duke Summer Sessions, including pricing. The new rates are: $2,500 for a non-lab course and $3,200 for an extended recitation/lab course. This change recognizes both the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the availability of jobs and internships this summer, as well as the strong demand from Duke students for Summer Session classes. Financial aid is available for summer session courses (   
  • We have more than doubled the number of online courses available for Duke Summer Session I (May 13-June 25), from 60 to over 150. The new courses cover a wide range of departments and subjects, from Art History to Physics. Duke Summer Sessions I and II will also feature a number of courses that address pandemic-related topics, including Macroeconomics of COVID-19; Epidemics in the Age of Interdependence; Educational Impacts of COVID-19; Visualizing the COVID-19 Pandemic; and Disease through the Ages.   
  • An equally robust schedule of online courses for Duke Summer Session II will be available by April 30.  We expect this will provide even more opportunities for students to both meet degree requirements and expand your educational horizons with some of Duke’s most compelling teachers. 

Current students now have an exclusive window to register for Duke Summer Session I courses through Tuesday, April 28.  After that, any open spaces will be made available to the general public.  Registration for non-Duke students will open in one week.   

If you were previously registered in a Duke Summer Session I course which is now being offered online, you will automatically be moved into the new course.  We will not automatically cancel your registration in these courses in order to maintain your enrollment in the class; however, we ask that you unregister through DukeHub if you no longer plan to take the online course so the spot can be made available to others.  We have also maintained the wait list for all courses in order to preserve your position to get into a course.  

For more information about the course, fees and schedules, visit: or contact Kim Price at   

Thank you for your patience and for your strong interest in this new and expanded Duke Summer Session.


Sally Kornbluth, Provost
Jennifer Francis, Executive Vice Provost