Duke’s COVID-19 testing program continues into the Fall 2021 semester. Results are updated every Monday afternoon.

Results from this week:

10/11/2021 – 10/17/2021

 Individuals TestedTests AdministeredPositive ResultsPositivity RateActive Cases
Students13,34219,07511 15
Faculty/Staff1,2221,4923 3

Cumulative results:

Testing data since 8/2/2021

 Individuals TestedTests AdministeredPositive ResultsPositivity Rate

All students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate for 10 days as recommended by CDC and Duke medical advisors.

  • Students who reside on-campus in Duke housing will be moved to an isolation facility on campus. 
  • Students who reside off-campus must isolate in their own residence.

Students who are identified by contact tracing will be subject to more frequent testing for the period after their exposure but are no longer required to quarantine as recommended by CDC.

All students who are isolated due to a positive COVID-19 test are monitored by Duke Student Health.

Final tracking numbers for each term are archived below.