This message was sent to all Duke undergraduate students.

Dear students,

Many of you are returning to Durham over the coming weeks. We are truly excited to welcome you back to the community. As exciting as this time is, the unprecedented nature of this opening necessitates our collective efforts to support the health and safety of the community.

We want to remind you that being a member of the Duke community also means being a member of the Durham community.

Regardless of whether you plan to spend this semester in on-campus housing or elsewhere in Durham, as a member of the Duke community, the Duke Community Standard and Undergraduate Student COVID-19 Policy Plan is applicable to your behavior and conduct. 

Duke has worked closely with city and local health officials in developing the plans for resuming educational operations this fall, and developed a number of new policies and programs to support community health measures. One of these critical policies relates to social gatherings.

ANY social event with more than 10 people (indoors or outdoors) presents a serious public health risk and is prohibited by Duke policy until further notice. 

Individual students hosting and/or attending gatherings off-campus must comply with all policies within the Duke Community Standard and COVID-19 Policy Plan, including the limitations on social gatherings. As always, proper masking and physical distancing must be observed. Additionally, all student organization activity has been directed to be virtual for the time being.

Let us be clear—we are taking student behavioral conduct seriously, and flagrant violations of our COVID-19 student expectations will jeopardize your status as a Duke student. 

Please know that the University does not take violations of these policies lightly, because we care and respect ourselves and our community by supporting these efforts. Before you invite others to your residence or visit someone else’s residence, make sure COVID-19 policies and expectations are being followed.

If you have any questions, concerns, or observe student behavior that does not adhere to these policies, please call the Duke “Speak Up” reporting line at 800-826-8109, option 3, or email, which goes to the Office of Student Conduct in the Division of Student Affairs. Submissions by phone and email will be sent to the appropriate department for follow up.

We know you know that this year is atypical in many ways, and we thank you for your efforts to get the semester started safely.  We are looking forward to a great academic year! Thank you for your support and effort in helping create a healthy and safe environment.

Clay Adams
Associate Dean of Students

Jeanna McCullers
Senior Associate Dean of Students, Director of the Office of Student Conduct