This email was sent to all faculty and staff

While many of our faculty and staff are now working remotely, others are continuing to report and serve our students, patients, and vital research operations. Each day we are confronted with new challenges, which our faculty and staff continue to rise and meet. We are also seeking ways to help support you during this time to make life slightly less challenging.

To that end, Duke will suspend all faculty and staff parking permit fee deductions from paychecks issued April through June.

Existing permits will remain active and valid for access to assigned lots and parking facilities. Permits requirements and parking facility restrictions will continue unchanged during this period.

We hope this measure provides some financial flexibility for individuals who have had to make accommodations to address personal or childcare needs to continue to support our vital work at Duke or those who have had to make adjustments to work remotely.

Thank you for your continued support, dedication and perseverance in support of Duke’s missions during this unique and challenging time.

Kyle J. Cavanaugh,
Vice President, Administration
Emergency Coordinator