Dear Duke Faculty:

As expressed in my message to you yesterday, I am writing today to share a set of guidelines, recommendations, technical advice and an FAQ to aid in converting your course to different forms of remote delivery. Keep Teaching includes specific guidance for getting started, alternative options for both every day and technology-enhanced strategies, communicating with students, distributing course materials, assignments and assessments, class meetings online, and building an engaged online learning community, should you opt for digital delivery.

I want to underscore again that we recognize that teaching under these circumstances will take many different forms, from independent reading and writing to synchronous and online lectures and discussions.  Multiple forms of remote delivery are possible for meeting your course objectives.  You will be the best guide for your students as to the most appropriate ways to carry on intellectual life under difficult circumstances.

In addition to School and department-specific support for teaching and learning, we will offer two university-wide services:

  • Interactive Webinars on various forms of remote delivery including both every day and technology-enhanced strategies, how to moderate an engaging live session, different forms of assessment, group projects, and online alternatives to hands-on activities such as labs and performances. Please check the Keep Teaching website for upcoming programs which will be continually updated with additional resources and programming.

We will also be launching a website for students – Keep Learning – that you will be able to access.

Sally Kornbluth, Ph.D.
Provost and Jo Rae Wright University Professor