Dear students,

We are writing to share updates for undergraduates at Duke, including a link to the FAQ page for students and additional guidance regarding vacating campus housing. PLEASE NOTE THIS MESSAGE SUPERSEDES PREVIOUS GUIDANCE FROM DUKE AROUND YOUR PHYSICAL PRESENCE ON CAMPUS.

With the spread of COVID-19, the university has now made the difficult decision to suspend residential activities for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, effective immediately. Thus it is urgent that as many students as possible not be on campus for the remainder of the semester. And as many students as possible should vacate campus housing as soon as possible.

Thanks to the over 2,000 students who have completed the online form to request to stay or access their rooms. The Keep Learning team is reviewing each request. This has been a rapidly evolving situation. BASED ON CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES, PERMISSION TO REMAIN IN HOUSING WILL BE RESTRICTED TO THOSE WHO MUST BE HERE FOR REASONS OF PERSONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. We will review the surveys we’ve received, but our approval criteria will be strictly applied. IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE A SURVEY FROM YOU BY 5 P.M. ON SUNDAY,  MARCH 15, WE WILL ASSUME THAT YOU ARE NOT ON CAMPUS AND DO NOT PLAN TO RETURN AND WILL INACTIVATE ACCESS TO YOUR RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES.

In our previous communications, we offered the possibility of students coming to retrieve belongings before March 22. Given rapid change of circumstances and the advisement of health officials, we are revoking this option for the sake of individual and broader campus safety. We are working to develop a plan to ship students their essential belongings required for continued learning and safety, likely to include: current academic materials required for remote learning, laptops, medical supplies and certain items required for self-care.

We will advise all students with campus housing on next steps, including retrieval of belongings, early next week.With thanks for your continued patience, goodwill, and support for one another,

Sally Kornbluth

Gary Bennett
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Mary Pat McMahon
Vice Provost for Student Affairs